Chicagoland Truck & Trailer Frame Straightening

Get it straight… for safety and savings

Bent, misaligned frames lead to increased tire wear, greater aerodynamic drag, reduced stability and diminished fuel economy. Our frame-straightening service removes side-sway, twist, diamonds, and sags on just about any size on-road or off-road equipment.

Cold straightening is the best

Our two dedicated frame straightening bays utilize superior cold-straightening technology, which ensures precise alignment of frame rails without the use of heat. Particularly with modern high-strength steels, heating steel elements can significantly weaken frame strength, and can lead to catastrophic failure down the road.

A proprietary and powerful straightening system

Our straightening bays for trucks, trailers and heavy equipment use a proprietary system of 12-inch I-beams, running 60 feet in length and specially set into concrete. A sophisticated system of come-alongs, port-a-powers and a 10-ton overhead crane are used in the straightening process. This system can put tremendous pressure on the floor without danger of breaking, allowing our technicians to put exactly the right amount of pressure in exactly the right places.

The benefit: shorter set-up time and cost savings

Set-up time is typically the most costly part of frame work. With our specially designed bay equipment, and our years of experience in frame straightening, we are able to minimize our set-up and breakdown times.